About Us

Shulopal Industry Co.,Ltd established in 2004 by Wanful&Shulopal Group in Guangdong, China.
With our long term experience in glass industry, we have developed our own production facility and tech from material solution,furnance, module, machine, toughing, super temper-treatment so on so for glass product and especially for daily use glassware, opal glassware.

As a proffesional glassware and glass tech supplier. And we are ready anytime anywhere for our customers, partners as always.

Our products and service range:


-Opal Glassware (dinnerware, tableware, opal glass packing)
-Daily use Glassware (machine press)
-Crystal glassware(tableware)
-Tempered glassware, Heart resistant glassware
-Colored, glazed glassware
-Borasilicate glass
Production supply capacity: 280 000pcs per day

Glass factory Solution and engineering
-glass material and chemials solution
-gas, oil, or electric glass furnance design and construction
-glass toughing, tempere line design and construction
-decaled glassware, printed glassware production line and machine design
-colored, glazed glass production line design and construction
-the whole glassware factory design and engineering
-glass and glassware project consultant

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Chen Hua Bo ( Robert H.Chen)
GM for Shulopal Ind.